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sage payroll

sage payroll

Hi, i have just started working for a company about a week back. One of the employee is pregnant. She is going on maternity leave from 01/04/12. Her baby is due on 13/04/12. From 01/01/12, the company has set up all the new cost centres & all the employees have been given P45s & will be transferred to this new cost centre(service company) from 01/01/12. This employe is working for the company for past 6 years. so she is entitled to the full smp benefits. However will sage payroll calculate her correct smp & the correct amount recoverable from HMRC, as this new cost centre will have all the details from begining of this year.


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22nd Jan 2012 16:48

New payroll required

If the employees have been given P45's it is because they are leaving one payroll reference and starting on another one.

So a new payroll scheme needs to be set up with HMRC and a new payroll on Sage. The employees should all be treated as joiners on the new payroll. You should get a P11 printed out from the old payroll for all those transferred to the new payroll, as you may need to know the history with SSP and for SMP purposes.

Setting up the new payroll for those with long term sick or SMP claims is not straightforward. I cannot believe the company doesn't subscribe to the payroll helpline, as you should ring them for this sort of situation. It is not obvious where to enter YTD data, so don't rely on working out what to do yourself.

If the company doesn't pay for the helpline you should insist they do so now.

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22nd Jan 2012 16:54


Yes, if you are using payroll you should ensure you have access to updates and technical support.

I think you can manually calculate SMP to ensure it goes forward properly.

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22nd Jan 2012 18:03

The best tip I can give you.........

is dump Sage payroll and get Moneysoft Payroll Manager !!

Will save you £100's and is so much easier to use.

6th April is the time to do it.

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