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Sage Payroll - departmental report

Sage Payroll - departmental report


Client has Sage payroll with employees allocated to departments. Now want to generate monthly a report showing salary expenses per department. Cannot find any facility in Sage payroll other than whole year.

Any suggestions?

Setup link to Sage via nominal link but want to capture into nominal ledger per department. Much reading of the help leaves me still in the dark. The nominal link works but only in summary.

Any suggestions?


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20th Apr 2010 12:00

Sage payroll Departmental Report

I never use the nominal link as I don't think it's very flexible.

I do, however use departmental reports for many clients and import csv's of these to Excel where they are really complicated.

As you say, help menus are pretty useless unless you already understand what is required.

Pick out a Sage report under, say, "Employees", that is quite similar to what you are looking for and edit it by changing the name to something that means it's yours. Then you will need to adjust it by adding in fields etc. They don't seem to have made adjustments for things like Student loans, by the way.

If you are still not sure, ring the helpline and select the reports option. (As waiting times are around 45 minutes at present I recommend you wait until the volcano ash has died down before ringing.)






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20th Apr 2010 12:28

Payroll departmental reports

 Was hoping to stay away from report writer but there you have it. Surprised Sage does not have standard reports included but then its Sage.

I only phone if absolutely desperate as I just do not have the time to wait. 40 mins is average in my experience.

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