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Sage payroll problems - anyone?

Sage payroll problems - anyone?

As a rather angry punter perhaps I am not the best person to ask this question.

I have spent at least 2 hours waiting to be answered on various calls to Sage to ask how to ensure my P35 showed SSP refunds, asking for help when my electronic banking setup was wiped before doing April payroll, and other matters. In the 2 cases concerned it definitely wasn't anything I had or hadn't done.

In case the two circumstances occur for you:

a) if the SSP refunds don't show up under the appropriate tab in Company Settings, just take the total refund shown on the Year's P32 and enter that figure in March under company settings.

b) remember when resetting up your ebanking to make sure the type of file used is a TXT file.

Why don't the software manufacturers check such basic things? Ah yes - they know we can't easily move elsewhere, so they can do what they like.


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25th Apr 2012 12:51

so move

but you can move easily to Moneysoft and believe me you'll never regret it.  Do it now - he who hesitates is lost!

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25th Apr 2012 13:29


If you ever think of not renewing a Sage licence you will have to give them several months notice or they will claim you haven't given enough notice of non-renewal and they will demand another 12 months of fees ... that was the case a couple of years ago so it may have changed, but I doubt it!

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25th Apr 2012 13:36

Can't move for all clients

For some clients I have to use Sage payroll whether or not any other package is superior.

I was interested to know what problems other Sage payroll users have had this time around. It could save me a 30 minute phone call to Sage.


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26th Apr 2012 13:21

We have experienced an unusually high number of problems since installing Sage payroll 2012 ranging from Sage closing down when trying to access the IR secure mailbox, or linking an employee to a new pension scheme, to the printed P35 being different to the P35 about to be elctonically submitted to HMRC, to all the code number changes being lost when rolling back after updating April.  It is particularly annoying when you phone Sage to be told that these are known faults.  We are seriously considering changing.  Is the operation of Moneysoft so different from Sage?


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