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Sage 'professional'

Sage 'professional'


have inherited a Sage 'professional' program with in xs of 41k transactions!

needless to say it takes ages to check data & even longer to take a back up

The data goes back to 2005 - would someone please advise me how to remove some of the old transactions please.

Many thanks


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21st Apr 2011 17:03

Different things to do...

The remove invoices/orders, go to the relevant screen and they can be deleted there.

For transactions, go to Tools -> Period End -> Clear Audit Trail which will remove fully paid and reconciled transactions prior to the date you select.


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21st Apr 2011 23:21

Re: Different things to do...

A perfect answer as always John.

I would just add a couple of things.

Most importantly, take a back-up before you do anything, then if you make a mistake you can always restore and start again.

When in Invoice List, SOP list or POP list, you can use Search to find only those items before a certain date (make sure you are only seeing those you want to get rid off in the list after applying the search), use Swap to highlight everything now on your screen, then use the Delete button to delete them all in one go. (It will take a while to delete them all if there is a lot, so just wait, the program has not frozen)

When choosing the date to Clear Audit trail from, I usually like to keep 18 months of history before the last year end date. But it's up to you how much you keep, but the last financial year at least.

-- Witch-Queen

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