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Sage Professional 2013

Sage Professional 2013

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Help needed with Sage pro 2013. I am entering bank transactions, but they are not appearing when i come to use the reconcilation feature. I have checked to ensure i am using the correct bank code (1200) and have ticket the box to enable bank reconcilations. The transactions appear in the 'Finacials' section but are not in the bank reconcilation page. This is a problem that has just occured, so is really confusing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


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By occca
21st Jan 2014 07:26


Are you typing in the right date to the reconciliation?

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By bro0010
21st Jan 2014 08:26

A bit more background please

Together We Count wrote:

This is a problem that has just occured, so is really confusing.


Are you saying that you haven't changed anything, it was working before, but it isn't now?  If not, how has it "just occurred"?



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By Together We Count
21st Jan 2014 13:10



I have checked all of the obvious items, such as date. I am certain that the bank transactions date are before the bank reconciliation date, therefore in theory should appear on the bank rec.


Ian, i have not changed anything.

Is this a common fault?





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