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Sage restore problems

Sage restore problems

I was looking to restore a clients data  files  for Sage to my own version of Sage.

Original back up was fine & sage goes through restore process ok e.g you can see the files being restored as normal.

However at end of process Sage prompts for username & password.

On entering correct username & password error message appears re incorrect username/password. I have checked username & password and both are correct.

Never had this problem before.

Any suggestions? 


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17th Apr 2012 22:04

I had this very recently and it was solved by upgrading my version of Sage. Easy to try if you have access to one. Otherwise less easy ...

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18th Apr 2012 08:10


The message would suggest that their version of Sage is later than your version e.g. you are on v2011 and they are on v2012.  As Tim says, to be able to read their data you'd to upgrade your version of Sage.

The other problem you have is that you'll now not be able to get in to that company in Sage at all so, assuming you have a multi company version of Sage go in to another company and delete the one with the clients data.  If you just have a single company version, the solution is a little more complicated and I'd need to know which version of Sage you are using and which version of Windows...


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19th Apr 2012 15:12

Getting back in is not an issue as I was not using the file used to restore.

However sounds like an upgrade is in order.

Thanks for your comments.




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