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Sage Stock transcation type

Sage Stock transcation type

When importing stock transactions the sage import template refers to a field called 'Type' . Does anyone know what the code for this is or how the field should be filled? If you leave it empty Sage complains of incorrect transaction type


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By JKnight
05th May 2012 10:23

If you go to the Sage Help menu and PDF Guides, there is a guide for importing data into Sage. This contains a template for importing stock transactions which will show you what information can (or must) be imported and what format it needs to be in.

The entry in the type field will depend on whether you want to increase or decrease stock quantities. To increase stock use GI (goods in) or AI (adjustment in) whereas to reduce stock its GO or AO.

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By Clive_H
to bernard michael
09th May 2012 16:34

Stock taking

Thanks very much for this. What I am trying to do is overwrite the stock in hand woith physical stocktake data captured on a spreadsheet. So a tablet is used to take the stock and now i want to import it into Sage 50 to update the stock figures to the correct levels

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05th May 2012 10:59

If you find the import template (Sage/Accounts/Import Templates/ Stock Transactions FULL template.xls) the header row in the spreadsheet has comments and the Type column has drop down boxes with the different types.

AI = Adjustment In
AO = Adjustment Out
GR = Goods Returned - using credit notes
GO = Goods Out - using sales orders and product invoices
GI = Goods In - using purchase orders
DI = Damages In
DO = Damages Out
WO = Write Off

Hope this helps

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