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Sage Stocktake

Sage Stocktake

Does anyone know if it is possible with Sage Line 50 to import a Stock take created on spreadsheet withc code/qty/date etc and automatically overwrite the stock in hand. As far as I can see you have an Import Stock Transactions function in File/Import but it asks for a transaction type and am not sure what this is. There may be other implications as well of course like updating the audit trail - grateful for any observations


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04th May 2012 09:01

Import Stock Take

The transaction type would either be AI (Adjustment In) or AO (Adjustment Out) - the problem you have is that this only allows you to change the quantity in stock by the amount in the file, it does not allow you to specify a fixed quantity so you'd need to work out what the difference is between your spreadsheet and Sage and import the quantity difference.

There are a couple of ways around this:

1. Post Adjustments Out to bring all your existing quantities down to zero and then import the data from the spreadhseet as Adjustments In.

2. An alternative, if you don't mind losing the existing stock transaction history would be to go to File -> Maintenance -> Rebuild and remove the existing stock transactions.  You can then import the figures directly from the spreadsheet as adjustments in.




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By Clive_H
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04th May 2012 11:34

Perfect. Many thanks -

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