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SAGE to Xero

SAGE to Xero

A client is moving from SAGE to XERO. Usually I prefer to do this at month end as it is simpler. However this client, due to staffing issues, wants to do it now (8th Aug). They have however entered about 100 transactions for Aug. Can you export these from Sage or do you have to re-enter them into Xero? Or simply should we just close off Sage on a certain date say 10th aug and export a TB at that date? This causes issues with depreciation and VAT (client is on monthly VAT returns)?

Also can customer / supplier data be exported from SAGE in excel and imported in to XERO? 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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By merlyn
08th Aug 2012 10:59

This should let you export customer details to a csv for import into XERO.

customer>reports>customer details>customer address list, generated to file, type .csv

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08th Aug 2012 11:07

this is a neat little tool:

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to johngroganjga
08th Aug 2012 11:59


ireallyshouldknowthisbut wrote:

this is a neat little tool:

Makes the changeover painless

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By ntravs
08th Aug 2012 12:20

Converting to Xero


A Conversion Date in Xero can only be set to be the start of a month so setting it to August is sensible. You may have to calculate the balances at the start of the month by "rolling back" the transactions to determine the Conversion (opening) Balances if you don't already have them but it sounds you have access to the details to do so. 

For the August transactions that have already occurred, it should be possible to import the details whether this is done as invoice imports or bank transaction imports or both.  

Either way it should be possible to export the majority of this detail from Sage or online banking (or a combination) but the export from Sage will probably need to be amended a bit to be compatible with Xero.

It is also possible to export Customer / Supplier contact details from Sage to import into Xero although the best way of doing this is actually to use the report builder feature.

I do have a rough and ready document with more details regarding all of the above. If you'd like to email support[at]xero[dot]com and mention my name and this thread and I'll get it sent over.

Training Manager, Xero

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08th Aug 2012 19:49

Movemybooks - at bit more detail

As mentioned above, our online service at is designed specifically to make the conversion of Sage data to Xero quick and painless.

You asked about customer and supplier data: I can confirm that we do copy this information over to Xero, together with the Chart of Accounts, Trial Balance and all Sales and Purchase invoices that make up the Accounts Receivable and Payable balances as at the conversion date.

Movemybooks can convert your client's data as of any date, but I agree with Nathan in that we always recommend you pick a month-end date (ideally a VAT period end date). My advice would be to convert the data as of 31st July then import the August transactions into Xero post-conversion.

In a future release of our software we will add the option to copy over transactions dated after the conversion date, but that's going to be in a few month's time and I can't offer it to you now I'm afraid.

Movemybooks is the best way to move clients from Sage to Xero but don't just take my word for it, see what accountants who have used it are saying:

Give it a try!

Founder, Movemybooks


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