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Sage upgrade problem

Sage upgrade problem

We recently upgraded fron Sage line 50 V6 to version 14. Everything seemed fine until I was entering budgets for some of my expense accounts and I noticed that the actuals for the coming year had balances in them for all the months but when I clicked on the activity tab all the details are related to 2007 dates. if I runa report for 2008, the items do not appear on teh report.

Does anyone know why this has happened?

Elaine Hyland


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By Anonymous
14th May 2008 16:33

This sounds like a bucket value corruption problem.

The solution, I seem to remember (backup first) is to change you financial year (ie make it one year less than actual) and then run a year end, this recalculates all the bucket values.

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By mjcpage
03rd May 2008 17:06

Sage Upgrade V6 To V14(2008)

Acording to the Sage Support Article Number 5297

"Sage 50 Accounts v6 and v7 data cannot be upgraded to Sage 50 Accounts 2008, to convert the data a backup must be sent to Sage. For further information about this, please contact Sage Technical Support."

This may be the answer to your prob. or at least a reason why things are not as they should be: Hopefully you are still within the free support period & you can give Sage a call

Godd Luck

Kind Regards

Mike Page

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