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Sage will no longer email invoices

Client has always used webmail but it stopped working and sage cannot help.

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I just wondered if anyone else has come across this.  I actually have two clients using sage who cannot email invoices from the program and who both use webmail.

The first (email provider ionos) has never worked, but it will happily send a test email from report designer.  When you try to email an invoice it says it's sent but it hasn't.  This version of sage is old though, but they don't want to fork out for a new version if it will still have the same problem.....see below.

The second, is a subscription, totally up to date copy of Sage50 and that one's really got me stumped.  The client is using webmail.  We could send invoices until last week (albeit one at a time as it would fall over sending multiples) but for some reason it has decided to give up and informs us there is an unknown error.  I actually typed my personal emails credentials in to test the system and it was happy to send invoices using a webmail.

I have spoken to sage but they have exhausted all of their ideas.

Is anyone else struggling with this?  Or, (she says optimistically) found a solution?


p.s. everything is typed in correctly, no passwords have changed, there is no additional authentication on the email accounts, I checked to see if there any changes to the smtp server details for the email providers and the settings are allocated to the correct invoice templates

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By paulwakefield1
17th Apr 2021 09:32

I have a client using an old version of Sage who had this (or very similar) problems. It occurred after upgrading the computer. Could never get it to work. However it did work off another computer (they have a 2 user system) - it wasn't ideal for a number of reasons but did provide a partial solution. They then had the new computer rebuilt (from an OS and software perspective) and it now works correctly I believe.

I am visiting them next week and will report back (if someone reminds me to post).

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By johnhemming
17th Apr 2021 10:26

To work out what is happening you would need to download wireshark

This, if you have access to the network you are on, will enable studying the detailed SMTP messages so you have some idea of what is causing the problem. It is likely to be the first hop between whatever is generating the email and its next server.

It could be something else, however.

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