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Sage X3- Bank Reconciliation

Deleted bank rec still eliminates amounts from new Rec for same day.

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I rec'd the bank and deleted it without unchecking the  rec'd checks. Everything was all fine and dandy but for whatever reason i need to delete it and redo a few days. These deleted items(mostly checks) are still eliminated from the replacement reconciliations that I did. So cleared all previous rec's and started over. Now every day has a variance and i believe it to be those deleted ones that I did. Anyone know if I am able to fix this other than posting reversing entries for those amounts to clear it?


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19th Feb 2019 07:40

Not sure I entirely understand what you are looking at.

Hint for future though, never ever delete an item that has been reconciled.

You don't say what sage you have. Is it sage one? If so you can drop them the info issue and they will sort it.

Failing that it would be better for your accountant to take a look before you make a bigger mess.

Or, can you restore to a prior point and start again?

Check the opening balance agrees with previous balances.

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19th Feb 2019 08:38

Sage X3 is enterprise software. I suspect the OP is from the US and has strayed onto the UK site accidentally.

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to paulwakefield1
19th Feb 2019 08:48

That explains the misspelling of cheques.

Here was me thinking he meant recs x3.

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to paulwakefield1
19th Feb 2019 09:56

Ah - "fine and dandy" - not a common expression round here.

Two nations divided by a common language.

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19th Feb 2019 19:08

Sorry "mates", I have been at a loss with this one. I will try to find a US based blog so everyone can understand the words that are being written. And Checks is spelled Checks ha ha. Either way, the balance is fine it is just going forward, I have this large amount, essentially stuck. Maybe just Hunky-Dory would have made sense?

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to jrazzpple
19th Feb 2019 22:09

jrazzpple wrote:
And Checks is spelled Checks ha ha.

Or Czechs.

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