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Sage50 - posting direct debit supplier payments

Quickest method to input variable supplier payments paid by dd?

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I don't have bank feeds set up but at present download bank payments into a csv format and delete everything except dd's, then code them up and import into Sage. It's a slow process as there are departments to factor in. I'm wondering whether e-reconcile could be used to speed things up, I haven't used it before and am wondering whether the system would suggest coding etc at the point they were created? Or any other suggestions would be gratefully welcomed!


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12th Feb 2019 13:25

You should be using the Recurring entry option on Sage. That would be much faster.

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to Moonbeam
12th Feb 2019 13:59

Thanks Moonbeam, I did try that but the amounts vary each time and I found it time consuming with maybe 50 dd's per month to make sure that I had altered each one correctly before processing. Some of them had to be suspended, some not, most amounts changed etc.

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By Anita14
12th Feb 2019 18:23

Not sure about bank feed rules as it seems to depend which bank you’re with. But I can offer a speed up of your current process.

Set up an Excel template with a tab containing a list of default codes for each DD and another for you to overtype each time and paste your bank statement data into, with lookups that will pull codes from the list of defaults. Once you’ve set up your template, all you’d need do is filter your bank statement online to just download the DDs, then paste the data into the template. The lookups will fill in the codes.

There’s an excellent transaction importer add-on from Adept that you can set to automatically import into Sage as soon as you drop your file into a pre-determined folder and it then moves the file into Archive so you know it’s been done.

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to Anita14
13th Feb 2019 10:11

Hi Anita14, thank you so much for this reply! I hadn't gone as far as having lookups to do the coding so will have a go at that, and the Adept product sounds great as I import from numerous spreadsheets into Sage and it can be an issue to remember which ones have been processed. Very useful, thanks.

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