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Salary Expectations for Newly Qualified Accountant

Salary Expectations for Newly Qualified Accountant

What should my salary expectations be? In the current economic climate with not many jobs on offer the ball is in the employers' court. Are there any newly qualified accountants out there who can give me some guidance?

Or for the employers out there, what would you offer a newly qualified accountant if you were recruiting?


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By kmc86
18th Jan 2011 13:15

It depends


I think it depends on the region in which you work and also your job role.

Are you expecting to be promoted alongside the pay rise?

Are you in one of the big 4 companies? or a small/medium sized practise?

I unfortunately got made redundant after passing my exams, but a friend of mine (who managed to keep her job) got £30k working in a medium size practise about an hour outside london. This was in an audit senior role reporting directly to the partner, but has since been promoted to a practise manager and is due to get another 5 - 10k in the next year or so.


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By David A
18th Jan 2011 14:28

Region is nowhere near London

I work for a small practice which has experienced excellent growth over the past five years. I have an integral role within the practice and deal directly with the partner also. I will also be managing half of our Corporate clients after I qualify and I am already responsible for two junior staff.

What is the minimum level a Chartered Accountant should accept? You were unfortunate to be made redundant, but what would you be happy to work for now knowing that jobs are scarce?

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18th Jan 2011 17:06

I worked for a small (ish) firm in the North (Hull)

And was on 25k plus bonus upon qualification in October 2008

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19th Jan 2011 08:36

Quite surprised ...

salaries don't seem to have moved on much in 15 years. Supply and demand I guess.

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By Luke
19th Jan 2011 09:18

Agree Steve

a different case which is why I didn't originally post but I was on £30k immediately on qualifying in 1998 but that was London and a big firm.  Within a year or so it'd shot up and I got a car.

That said, I see jobs for full time qualified accountants around the East of England going for anything from £25k to £45k as a guide.


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By AdamCtr
21st Jan 2011 12:40

Impossible to say

It's impossible to quote a salary expectation, as the quality of accountants differs so much.

In my experience it is no longer simply qualifying as an accountant that changes a salary package, it is the experience and quality of the accountant in question - as a result I have seen many times where a part qual. accountant is paid more than a fully qual. accountant in another company.

Make no mistake there is no shortage of jobs at the moment for quality accountants - every company wants one, be it to help save cash, help support business decisions, model cashflows / budgets etc etc

I would say we as accountants are one of the few areas actually insulated from the recession - only my opinion.

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