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Hi all

I currenlty operate 3 FHLs.

I am currently exploring the possibility of selling and we'd like to make sure the accounts are prepared in as favourable a format as possible (of course operating within allowable perameters).

Is someone on here experienced in preparation of accounts for a FHL and how this can be done to look most attractive to a potential buyer? If so, some guidance would be appreciated!

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By tom123
13th Jul 2020 14:22

What Items are you thinking can be presented differently than on a historical cost basis?

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By Chris.Mann
13th Jul 2020 14:54

Are the properties in question managed via a lettings agent?

As you (currently) operate 3 Furnished holiday lettings, would it be correct to assume that you prepare annual accounts, historically and if so, why would you not wish to continue in the same format?

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paddle steamer
13th Jul 2020 14:58

Surely any buyer purchasing them as FHL's will only be interested in occupancy rates and marketing suppliers and their costs re those platforms used that provided said occupancy, for instance a buyer might be doing changeovers in house, washing linen at home, doing all repairs themselves whereas you outsourced everything etc, how the business was run will have a bearing on what costs are pertinent..

I would be inclined to supply lists of lets with their dates, sums received, platform used to procure booking and not much else.

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Replying to DJKL:
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By tom123
13th Jul 2020 15:00

Agree, much more likely to be of interest.

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