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Sales of Australian Shares

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I have a client who has sold Australia & New Zealand banking shares in 2017/18.  I have the settlement note which shows the proceeds received and commission paid in GBP.  The shares were inheritated viaa  deed of variation. I have therefore taken the probate value as the purchase price which is shown in GBP in the probate accounts.  Am I correct in thinking this gain can be included on the UK capital gains page of the tax return or does the foreign page need to be completed to declare this?


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14th Dec 2018 06:41

Foreign pages are for income and tax. I think if you check the dropdowns on the CG entry, you'll find one that covers your scenario.

Incidentally, DoV does not necessarily mean you use PV. But (assuming that the death wasn't a long time ago) the good news is that any election to that effect would have to have been made in the DoV itself. Get hold of a copy to check. I've seen both types in practice.

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