santanderbillpayment website mullahed

santanderbillpayment website mullahed

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Not really a question, but is unusable at the moment - so I can't pay my SA.

Presumably it will only get worse over the next 48 hours.

What evidence is worth gathering to avoid a fine if payment can't be made?

I took the precaution of saving some screenshots and emailing myself to timestamp them.

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By PJWSmith
30th Jan 2013 23:18

Get up early...

and try first thing in the morning - say 5am!! I have just tried tonight (10pm) and it failed but took about an hour to get to that point. That's an hour of my life HMRC owe me that I will never get back.

However, paying them by faster payment through my bank's online facility took about 30 seconds (it was all set up from last year) and went through without a hitch.

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By a_q
31st Jan 2013 08:25

working - for now.

Yes it finally worked this morning.

It's worth pointing out that multiple attempts to the same https website site, using exactly the same data, helps a hacker with a means to decrypt the data. I was thinking about this last night - if  a hacker had been logging the multiple transaction attempts then a small proportion of the card details might be compromised.

So doing it from your back instead might be preferable - if indeed the details are definitely correct and it goes to the right account with the right reference number.


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By DMGbus
31st Jan 2013 08:57

A problem for me too

Evening of Wednesday 30 January 2013: pages on BillPay were taking upto 5 minutes to load, then having input all the details to make a payment the webpage timed out.

Hope it's better later today.

? What's changed since 2012 ?  No such problems in January 2012!


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By Shirley Martin
31st Jan 2013 16:42

HMRC have said there ARE problems

It's on the Tax Faculty website here:

Kind regards



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