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Does anyone have experience of SAP supplier management working experience.

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One of my client receiving PO's from their buyers on SAP Supply Management system.My client wants to assign user rights to me so that i can create and submit invoices to buyer via SAP system. The problem is my client tried their best to assign me the role to process invoices but i can not see any of the PO's on my access rights.Pls remember i am using my own email instead of my client's email for sign in.

Does anyone have the idea how to get access to POs of my clients for creating invoices and follow up for payments?Do i need to have my email registered to suppliers or any other way?

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By paul.benny
14th Sep 2021 12:34

Your question is a little muddled - are you trying to submit your own invoices to your client? Or wanting to approve third parties' invoices in your client system?

If the latter, I would strongly suggest that you shouldn't. It crosses the independence line for you to be approving anything on behalf of your client.

If it's the former, it's their problem to fix it and shouldn't stop them processing and paying your invoices.

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By Rubina Anjum
14th Sep 2021 12:54

Hi Paul
It is not related to my own invoices.

The question relates to my client's invoices.My client receiving PO's from their larger clients through SAP Supplier Management System and my client wants me to access these PO's and create invoices on behalf of my client and submit on the same portal.
Pls note only approved POs appear on the SAP portal.
I just need to create Invoice from that PO for submission to supplier.But probably there seems SAP system restrictions.

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