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SATR reminders

A bit early, isn't it

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A client has emailed me this morning worrying about a reminder he's received from HMRC for his 2019 Return.

It's still bloody April!!! A bit soon isn't it?


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By SXGuy
18th Apr 2019 08:01

Loads of mine have had theirs. Here comes the endless calls saying I've just got a tax letter! No, you haven't. Lol

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18th Apr 2019 08:22

A bit late I’d say. They used to go out on 6 April.

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to Tim Vane
18th Apr 2019 10:06

I don't mean a notice to file. I mean a reminder subsequent to the notice to file.

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18th Apr 2019 12:15

One of my clients received a chaser for the 2018-19 first instalment dated 7 February 2019. It had a lovely note that said if he had paid in the last 14 days he could safely ignore the notice!

In fairness, is was unpaid because as the return was only submitted on the 31 January 2019 the earliest the system let me file the SA303 was 4 February!

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