SBA qualifying date?

Deposit paid for an agricultural shed in June 2018 any opinions on claim?

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An agricultural shed was ordered in June 2018 and deposit paid. The shed was not available until 29 October (yes the invoice is dated 29 Oct!) it was then errected by an separate contractor in December 2018. Any one think a claim would be available for SBA? (And no it was not a repair, unfortunately and nothing in the shed to claim any other relief). Opinions gratefully received. Thanks    

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By Accountant A
20th Jan 2020 21:10

No idea but this:


"If you build, buy or lease a structure and all construction contracts were signed on or after 29 October 2018, you may be able to claim tax relief."

If the 'shed was ordered in June 2018' and money handed over, I'm guessing contracts were signed before 29 October 2018.

Obviously the legislation may say something rather more nuanced than HMRC guidance.

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Replying to Accountant A:
By Di
21st Jan 2020 08:43

Yes that's how I read it,thanks.

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