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Scam e-mail CJRS Application rejected

Scam e-mail "Your CJRS Application [fake reference] has been recalled/rejected"

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I don't pop onto the site too much now, so apologies if it has been reported here several times.

I have just received a fairly convincing fake e-mail supposedly from HMRC (my first during this pandemic, on an e-mail address that I rarely use) with the subject line "Your CJRS Application HVZGDHPM has been recalled/rejected"  I expect the reference number is randomly changed, as it used to with the fake PAYE e-mails.

The e-mail is spoofing a addresses, with both the "from" and "reply to" addresses being of the format no.reply[a 4 digit number]

The body of the e-mail reads: -


Dear customer,

Your recent Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme application has been rejected or recalled.

Summary of reject justification: “the claimant is in arrears”.

Please see the document attached for more details and a full report on your application.

We have also included the application you made in original.

See the document attached for contact information regarding your case officer.

Note: if the application has already been paid or loan granted funds will have to be returned.


There is a spreadsheet attached, which I obviously haven't opened entitled "CJRS Application recalled July 2020.xls"

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By paul.benny
02nd Jul 2020 15:59

I've just had a couple of these which I've reported by forwarding to [email protected]. It rejected one - presumably the one with an attachment.

The sender is - easy to mistake for a genuine email

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Replying to paul.benny:
Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
02nd Jul 2020 16:18

I also reported the one I received. I had the same problem that it would not send when the spreadsheet was attached, but went through OK when the spreadsheet was removed.

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By Simon Felstein
03rd Jul 2020 14:50

I just got one too, tempting as I sent a claim in this week, but quite generic and you'd hope a genuine one would have some specific information on it.

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By Wilson Philips
03rd Jul 2020 15:03

None here yet. But plenty of emails telling me that my TV licence DD has been cancelled.

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All Paul Accountants in Leeds
By paulinleeds
16th Jul 2020 11:40

I received two of them.

I turned macro control on on to stop them being run and opened the Excel files.

There was absolutely no data as we would expect within the Excel files in the rows and columns.

I did not review anything else as I expect they would have been some visual basic or macros that wanted to run.

As there was absolutely no data regarding employees reference numbers etc then I am convinced it was a scam if I was not already convinced when I received the strange looking email.

My virus scanner picked the xls / xlsx file up and contained a specific named virus which it quaratined.

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By carnmores
09th Jul 2020 10:56

and now there is a tax rebate on PPI interest scam gaining traction

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By CptCave
09th Jul 2020 11:24

I got two to my band email address, which has never been used for anything other than emailing organisers. Shared with my colleagues as it could be very convincing to an unsuspecting client.

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By pauljohnston
09th Jul 2020 11:31

Got atext message in a simalar vein

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