HMRC demand MLR info

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My client has received a written demand for a copy of his passport, driving licence, utility bill, plus his NI number.   All to "verify" the repayment of a few hundred pounds!   The department does not come up on any list, the postcode does not exist, although similar to the standard postcode, plus a form for his agent details!   It has the correct UTR number so if they input that everything else would come up.   Anyone else had this, as I am inclined to think this is not HMRC driven but a serious Phishing expedition from someone with inside knowledge and access?

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
05th Apr 2021 08:40

I seem to remember a thread on this a few weeks ago. I think general consensus was not to provide the information, but to inform HMRC in writing that you were not doing so for security reasons. I imagine someone said to write to the clients MP as well.

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By David Treitel
05th Apr 2021 09:35

The ICAEW Tax Faculty provide more details here:

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By 34Napier
05th Apr 2021 11:14

Many thanks for the replies. Just seriously bothered me that such detailed information should be requested when they have the UTR which if they input would bring up all the correct information, which tallies with the return. I am not happy that such detail is sent to a scanning postal centre and then what? What happens to the paperwork then?
I am happy to have my client send it to an address which can receive registered post, signed for and then returned, or for production to an office, but not some building somewhere, and who knows what goes on. I do not think unless they can guarantee safe return of the documentation, copies or not, that it should be demanded.
There are already too many bandits out there trying to get exactly this information without HMRC joining in to provide more to them.

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By Calculatorboy
06th Apr 2021 00:15

I think its more likely to be a scam where your client has divulged his utr and might be reluctant to admit it , most of these are very low level scams

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By Paul D Utherone
06th Apr 2021 09:33

It is their new repayment security check. The letter should include questions about fees being paid (apparently highlighting the ambulance chasing Uniform/Marriage Allowance, etc., claim firms). It will go on to say that in absence of a reply the client will be taken out of SA

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By SteveHa
06th Apr 2021 10:30

Honestly, I think every accountant in the land should be telling HMRC "Either make the repayment, or open a S9A".

These letters are a being treated as a license to enquire, without a formal enquiry.

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Replying to SteveHa:
By Hugo Fair
06th Apr 2021 12:37

In other words ... Yes, it IS a scam letter (but does honestly originate from HMRC)!

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