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Scanner for a sole practitioner

Feeder able to deal with different sized receipts

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Hi all,

I know the fujitsu ix1500 is highly rated, can anyone tell me if it is able to deal with a lot of different sized documents loaded into the feeder? Happy to consider other scanners if they can.

Many thanks!

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By Calculatorboy
04th Jul 2020 22:43

You should be able to use smaller than a4 by adjusting side guides , eg nat west statements are fine , it will even do business card size , using auto feed

But if you use mixed sizes in a single batch to scan, I think no , they will probably slide about and jam

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By Grayson Moore
05th Jul 2020 09:00

The ix1500 is a great bit of kit.

It deals with A4 size down to till roll size items but in practical terms you can't mix and match easily. Its easier to scan similar sized documents together and set guides appropriately. There is a limit to how many documents you can load into the feeder anyway so this doesn't cause us any great issues.

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By paulwakefield1
06th Jul 2020 08:58

As above. But I would add that it does come (or used to anyway) with a plastic sleeve, somewhat larger than foolscap, into which you can load several receipts and scan as one document. This may (or may not!) give you enough flexibility.

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Red Leader
By Red Leader
06th Jul 2020 10:51

I recommend getting the client to scan their fiddly receipts!

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Replying to Red Leader:
By Slim
06th Jul 2020 12:05

Send to RB

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By Montrose
06th Jul 2020 12:35

Why not look at a flatbed scanner printer such as Canon TS5050- you will not have feeder issues?

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