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Quick and easy scanner for multiple documents

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At the moment we use a seven year old floor standing copier/printer/scanner that uses bar code pages to insert between documents, so we can scan all  the post and get multiple different documents in a folder, which we then input into our document management system.

We've just changed document management to SmartVault and although this seems like an improvement in pretty well most respects, it turns out that it won't accept multiple document scans in the way we've been using.

We also use ReceiptBank extensively but use that with smart phone app, though it would be a pretty big plus if this could be used mainly via a dedicated scanner too.

Can anyone recommend a robust multi document scanner that's quick and efficient to use please?

We're not a massive office with hundreds or thousands of items of post! There are eight of us working here so it's usally around 10 items of post a day plus quite a few accounts documents via ReceiptBank.


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By bendybod
04th Jun 2020 10:16

I'm looking in to more or less the same situation so would be interested in responses.
Currently, whilst I'm working from home, I have a Brother multi purpose machine at home which scans quite happily to OneDrive and then I save to the server and upload to AutoEntry.
In the office we have a Ricoh multi purpose machine.
We do separate the paperwork out before scanning though so, for instance, all the purchase invoices for a client would get saved as one document and then uploaded, all the bank statements, etc. Other than that, we let AutoEntry figure out splitting the bank statements into separate accounts or the purchase invoices in to individual invoices.
As we're doing more though, I am being nagged by the staff to invest in an additional, probably stand alone, scanner.

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By pauljohnston
04th Jun 2020 10:29

Receiptbank. One can scan files to a the dedicated folder (on your server and these can be forwarded by email.

I understand the process used for scanning documents this used to be available through the cannon multipurpose machines but using their own software.

This may also be available in File Center by Lucion.

We scan to a folder using a scanner/printer made by Samsung from the INEO range. We bought it second hand for £1500 and have it on a contract for service and cartridges etc at £30 pm. We just supply the paper

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By coolmanwithbeard
04th Jun 2020 14:36

I would recommend the Scansnap IX500 (actually upgraded now to ix1500). Takes all sorts - double sided scanning, fast, efficient reliable and a great partner to RB. Has wireless and can scan to a cloud destination too for onward transport to RB or other providers.

It's a through put scanner so no flat bed but cheap flatbeds are easy to get for occasional use


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Replying to coolmanwithbeard:
By tracey2412
25th Jun 2020 11:36

I bought IX1500 end of last year as it sounded like a perfect addition to my hardware & would minimise paperwork storage but cannot for my life, work out how it takes multiple docs in one scan & separates them into individual docs. I don't suppose you have an idiot-proof instruction manual or link that you would be kind enough to share? Thank you. For attention of the OP, it cost me £425 appx inc VAT & if I knew how to use it, I'm sure it would answer your needs!

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By Keith T Hall
25th Jun 2020 12:00

I use a Panasonic KV-S1028Y with Readiris 17 and Scan to Invoice software. The latter uses text recognition and can merge or split documents at will and uploads directly to many accounting packages. I find the above an excellent combination.

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