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Scanning and retrieval of documents received

Assistance/Suggestions required about scanning and retrival of documents received

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I am the newly appointed Finance Director of a Charity and we wish to scan, file and retrieve documents, particularly purchase invoices, electronically.  We use SAGE 200 software and the nature of the charities operations preclude and sort of scanning and allocating to nominal codes as, for example a purchase invoice may cover a number of services, each with their own seperate nominal code. Any suggestion for how to facilitate this and the best software to use would be gratefully received.  

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By rmillaree
19th May 2022 11:21

just randomly seen this - must admit i havent used this yet

Dext is nice simple solution to store scanned invoices with export functionality - not sure how that links with sage 200 though (it does do sage 50) and what they would charge though.

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Replying to rmillaree:
Danny Kent
By Viciuno
19th May 2022 12:24

I highly recommend Dext as well. They do have an "extract line items" feature which I believe would allow you to allocate different line items to different nominal codes.

Never used this feature though, not part of our subscription as we don't have many clients would use this.

I'd phone them and ask for a demo and for a quote.

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