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School Sales Invoices?

I need some help with a school invoicing my son.

So, My Son was in school waiting outside his classroom. He was sitting down on a chair by an exam table outside the classroom while the teacher was setting up. He noticed something hitting his leg which was a little metal bar that was falling off the table he showed his classmate (Mark) and he began messing with it ripping it and turning it until it finally broke. The teacher found out the damage and told management of the school. The person who did break it admitted to that it was only him destroying it and that my son was not involved but yet just today I got a mail from the school for an invoice that is a charge towards the cost to replace the broken table. There is a CCTV camera which I have not seen yet. But I know for a matter of that that my son did not do it as I even spoke to his friend Mark. So I, was questioning are the school allowed to invoice my son even though someone else has taken full responsibility for his actions and said that the person is not involved. Thanks for the help. Would appreciate replies and opinions on the matter. Thank you,


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13th Jun 2018 20:37

You are asking in the wrong place. This is a website for accountants. Even if you are one, your question is nothing about your job, so is not something that accountants can help you with.

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13th Jun 2018 20:47

John is correct, of course, but I suggest you write to the school giving your son's version of the events which presumably the cctv will back up.

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13th Jun 2018 21:49

If this isn't one of our regulars having a bit of a laugh - anonymously - then this site has achieved another new low.

Poe's Law was based on the experience of reading AW Any Answers, apparently.

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to Accountant A
14th Jun 2018 07:42

April fool.

(Just kidding!)

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By tom123
14th Jun 2018 09:18

I am a school governor, and would not consider our school invoicing a pupil for damage of this sort - even if they had caused it.

That is a running cost of the school, or an insurance matter.

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14th Jun 2018 09:47

Try posting on

Failing that, subject your son to some waterboarding until he confesses and apologises to poor Mark who was forced to take the blame.

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14th Jun 2018 10:41

Its never your kid is it?

Bet the little darling never does a thing wrong.

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