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Scotland set to trial four day week

How will this affect the profession?

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Scotland is set to trial a four day working week, reducing hours by 20% without hitting productivity, measured in output per week, so that pay can remain the same.

With around 80% of employees saying they'd prefer this way of working, the campaign hopes to positively impact wellbeing and create a better work/life balance while simultaneously allowing for greater output and productivity.

What are your thoughts on the four day working week? Do you think it is a surefire way to boost morale and productivity within the team? Or do you think the risk of less work and time to service clients outweighs the benefits on staff wellbeing? To any Scottish accountants within the community, are you planning on implementing this work strategy within your practice?

Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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Replying to [email protected]:
A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
07th Sep 2021 16:06

.... and nothing can be sold until it has been made.

What is needed is for some people to work harder, or at all, to rebuild the economy and a good way to do that is to start making things again, import less, and give young people real alternatives to "uni", which seems to be the be all and end all right now. Train them as plumbers, HGV drivers ............. they'll make more money than many of their graduate bretheren.

(Must be the heat, I'm off to lie down)

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Replying to [email protected]:
By Mr_awol
07th Sep 2021 17:58 wrote:

Is the reason that the polls nearly always show a preference for Scottish Independence is due to Scots realising that the more they threaten to leave, the more they will get? Perhaps the reality is that it has worked well so far thanks to the Barnett formula.

No. The polls would be an incredibly risky way to try and bluff additional funding - unless the SNP plan to admit if/when they get a yes vote* that it doesn't stack up and stay anyway.

* even if it takes 457 more referendums

That said, today's document does say that £300m additional subsidy each year from the NI increase will be handed over, and that all devolved nations will get 15% more out of the social care fund than their residents put in - so whether it is deliberate or not, it is working.

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By kevinringer
07th Sep 2021 14:00

4 day week? I need an 8 day week.

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Replying to kevinringer:
By Tax Dragon
07th Sep 2021 17:15

Try having a definite clocking off time every day that you stick to. Working all the hours that God sends (and, you say, 24 extra that He doesn't) is a recipe for a breakdown. Two breakdowns - one in the quality of your work output and one for you personally.

You might just find it's the best decision you ever make - the quality both of your work and of your life will improve. As it is, I bet you are doing more work (coronavirus stuff now? MTD stuff to come?) for no more reward. Why?

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Replying to Tax Dragon:
By Tax Dragon
07th Sep 2021 17:26

Tax Dragon wrote:

As it is, I bet you are doing more work... for no more reward.

More accurately, you feel like you are doing more work. Reality is you are probably just spending more time working. (Short term, the Venn diagram might look good. I can't deny. But as time goes on... not so much.)

Maybe the differences exposed in this thread are partly generational. Although DJKL's father sounds like he was ahead of his time.

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