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Scottish (ICAS) audit engagement letter templates

Scottish audit engagement letter Templates

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Does anyone have Scottish (ICAS) Audit Enagagement Letter templates for Companies And Charities?

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Hallerud at Easter
20th Jun 2019 17:08

Not Scottish or ICAS but this firm has short engagement letters you can access.

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By marks
20th Jun 2019 19:39

Are you a member of ICAS?

If so they have engagement letter section as part of GPPM.

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Replying to marks:
By KatieDin
20th Jun 2019 21:36

Yes, but GPPM do not include Engagement Letters for audited companies or audited charities.

GPPM is for unregulated companies etc.

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Replying to KatieDin:
By Duggimon
21st Jun 2019 08:36

Do you have the Procedures for Quality Audit pack? I think ours came with that.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By KatieDin
21st Jun 2019 09:15

No I don't think it comes with the GPPM. May be it comes together with Accountants' Procedures for the Audit Exempt Company (APAEC) Workpack.
Does PQA contain audit engagement letter templates for companies and charities?

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