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SDLT client resident abroad

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I have a client who lives abroad.  He lives in job related accommodation and doesn't currently own a property. I believe he has never owned a property before.  In planning for his retirement he is thinking of buying a house in the UK and to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday and the impending 2% additional charge for non residents from April 2021.

He's getting mixed messages from various legal bods on whether he has to pay stamp duty.  Some say he does, some day he doesn't and one said he did then emailed him back and said he didn't! The property will cost about £250,000.

Does his current residence status affect the stamp duty holiday?

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By Justin Bryant
15th Sep 2020 14:48

Why on earth would he pay SDLT if he completes on a <£500k residential purchase before 31.3.21 while not owning any other dwelling? He should sack whoever's saying otherwise.

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