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SDLT filing deadlines

Is the 14 days deadline 14 working days? And what counts as the first day? Completion was on 21/3

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Completion occured on 21/3. I want to file the SDLT1 form but was dismayed to see these are not readily available as they each contain a unique barcode. Applying by post takes 10-15 working days so I have therefore registered for Stamp Taxes online which can take 10 working days for a registration code to be issued. Client has money available and we have all information but am now at mercy of Stamp Duty Office.  Hence why I need to know if the 14 days deadline for filing the form relates to working days or not. I cant find anything in the legislation which confirms or denies. All help appreciated.

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By gainsborough
24th Mar 2022 12:06

SDLT manual states it is 14 days not 14 working days and gives an example of a transaction date of 1st March having a notification date of 15th March

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Replying to gainsborough:
By alisonis
24th Mar 2022 12:18

Thank you very helpful

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By Jason Croke
24th Mar 2022 12:57

A good tip is to Google search your question with " HMRC manuals" at the end. The space between search term and HMRC manuals forces Google to search HMRC manuals first and the HMRC manuals, whilst not legislation are often better than the public Notices.*

For example, type into Google "SDLT filing deadlines" and you'll likely get the a generic summary from the .gov website followed by articles from AccountingWeb or whatever, but type in "SDLT filing deadline HMRC manuals" and the first result is straight to the HMRC manuals. You can insert a comma instead of a space, it makes no difference as Google ignores punctuation.

The comma is a useful way to force a better search.

*the manuals are designed to be read and understood by HMRC Officers, in that regard, the manuals lay things out very simply due to the audience.

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Replying to Jason Croke:
By Hugo Fair
24th Mar 2022 13:48

".. due to the audience" - ouch (but so true)!

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By gainsborough
24th Mar 2022 14:32


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