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Just me?

Didn't find your answer?

Honestly, am I the only one that finds the search on next to useless?

Has anyone actually found what they are looking for, or does everyone else resort to Google?

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By Cheshire
28th May 2020 14:11

Ive found it as much use as the search option on Sift.

Google is your friend.

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By Southwestbeancounter
28th May 2020 14:12

Yep Google! ......As do some of the HMRC operatives when you phone them it appears!!

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By SteveHa
28th May 2020 14:45

Oddly, HMRC do expose their best kept secret on search, being how to contact them. Nothing else can be found, but small comforts.

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By brian-scholar
28th May 2020 15:14

So much for their patronising comments when you call them –''did you know you can find more information on our website''– yeah right!

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Replying to brian-scholar:
By SteveHa
28th May 2020 15:20

I do wonder if they should change their message to "you will never be able to find further information, but we'll argue the toss at tribunal that just because you couldn't find it, it was there".

I'm sure our esteemed contributor Richard Thomas will agree with this.

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Replying to SteveHa:
By richard thomas
29th May 2020 13:17

I imagine you have my decision in McGreevy v HMRC (and others on NRCGT returns) in mind. I certainly think they should stop saying effectively that any idiot could have found the information (eg about the HICBC) they needed on their website, because in all but a few cases it's patently untrue. I wouldn't necessarily expect them to adopt your wording!

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By spilly
28th May 2020 15:21

Last time I went to see my doctor, I was surprised when he Googled to check whether the medicine he was about to prescribe was correct. He said that it was light years quicker than trying to do this via the NHS site that he was supposed to use.
So it’s looking like all Government websites are pants.

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By johnhemming
28th May 2020 16:52

They could, of course, use google to search only on their site.

The parameter put into a google search returns pages only on or subdomains.

The "or subdomains" is useful will return pages on, but also on

site:uk will return pages on sites which end with .uk which is not as useful.

However, would probably be best using a parameterised version of google.

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By gainsborough
28th May 2020 18:40

Never thought I'd miss the old HMRC website but now I really do! So much easier to find what you were looking for back then.

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By Truthsayer
28th May 2020 23:02

You are not alone. Its search facility has always been useless. Google works vastly better.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
29th May 2020 08:10

I use google eg “inheritance tax HMRC”.

TBH I do the same to find an AWeb thread that I might have commented on eg “holding company atleastiseemknowledgable” !

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