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Security question when changing VAT address?

Old registration, no security question set

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I have just attempted to change the trading address for VAT for a client who has been registered for more than 20 years.  This client doesn't need to use MTD so its the old HMRC VAT system.  Changed the address a couple of years ago online with no problem. This time I was asked for a couple of letters from a "security question" - a memorable name.  This was definitely never set up on the original online registration. Should I have tried X in both boxes? What I tried didn't work anyway so guess I just have to write in.  I've just looked at the detail of all the info I input to register a client last year and there was no security question so is this a new thing this year or is it a glitch for clients registered for VAT but outside MTD? 

Have managed to change the address without needing this security info on the SA part of the HMRC website for agents. For the VAT registration I have always been the only authorised person for the VAT so it is not done via the agents website - just the standard online system that clients use.


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By Duggimon
24th Sep 2019 13:53

The memorable name question has been in since the VAT filing first went online, I filled in loads of them when I was a trainee / newbie.

If I remember correctly, it was asked for on the first login after the activation PIN was entered, so not on original setup but a week or two afterwards.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By TessaW
24th Sep 2019 15:59

I have certainly had to give answers for a selection of security questions on occasions but with those if you didn't get the answer to the first one you were at least asked one of the other questions. For the VAT address they have just stuck with the one question. I would manage ok with schools and memorable places and dates etc but I am completely stuck on a memorable name which might have 8 letters for this particular client. Have sent off the paper form anyway.

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By 356B
24th Sep 2019 16:09

I can't access my wife's HMRC account as she fails the ID test. No passport. Decline the Credit Reference Agency and I get in. Amazing. So much for HMRC security and ID checking.

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