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SEIS application

No response from HMRC

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My clients submitted a SEIS application, before Xmas, and haven’t heard anything back. They’ve tried calling the SEIS office to chase it up, but the phone number they have just keeps going to voicemail. All emails they send come back with an automated response. 

Does anyone have any idea what their next step should be?


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19th Feb 2019 09:40

Not sure if this is still working 0300 058 8907

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19th Feb 2019 09:47

I submitted an SEIS application a year ago, heard nothing from HMRC and also no response on the telephone line. Then in September received a late filing penalty for not submitting the return in time! No correspondence from HMRC to say it had been set up. Check the online portal to see if anything is showing (assuming you completed the return online).

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19th Feb 2019 10:13

I'm just about to send one for a client today and notice this on the HMRC site:

"We’ll tell you why we think your application does not meet the conditions of the scheme.

If your application is not considered or incomplete, we will not provide any feedback."

A bit poor that they don' say anything if something is missing but could that be the reason?

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