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SEIS by telephone

SEIS for those without computers

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Have any of you had a client apply for SEIS by phone?  If so were they succesful? Any tips I can give my client

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By John Stone
21st May 2020 13:41

Two so far. Bearing in mind who they are - it must be easy.

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21st May 2020 14:27

I have written step by step instructions for mine who keeps asking "Can't you do it". I have said not - until I am blue in face.
He has to get Gateway as well. If they are so PC illiterate someone has to help
He's giving it a go tomorrow so maybe I can report back then - he's good at fish & chips though. Cant be skilled in everything

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By thacca
21st May 2020 15:34

Client's can make a claim on this number 0800 024 1222. One told me it took them an hour. The other said 40 minutes.

I sent instructions to all clients on Monday last week. They must have been good because I am surprised at how few called. Not at all like the furlough scheme.

A few emailed me today to say they had received the grant today.

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By lionofludesch
21st May 2020 15:43

None of my surprisingly tech-minded clients have needed to claim by phone.

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By CJaneH
22nd May 2020 10:31


Just wanted to find out how well it was working

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22nd May 2020 10:55

Folllowing my response yesterday my client (partnership) achieved it this morning. His command of English isnt that great and the lady at HMRC was Scottish so it took a bit of time to do him and his wife. One and a half hours actually but he has done it. Yeah!

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