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SEIS help!

I have now received advanced assurance - what next?

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Background - I have incorporated a company for a client - 100 ordinary £1 A shares to Shareholder/ director A, 100 ordinary £1 A shares to Shareholder/ Director B, 50 ordinary £1 B shares to investor C and 50 ordinary £1 B shares to investor D. All as yet unpaid.

I have successfully applied for advance assurance for £30,000 investment (£15,000 each from investors C and D) from HMRC.

I am now worried that I should not have created the B-share classes as the shares should actually be £300 each instead of £1.

What options do I have?

- issue additional 1 share at £15,000 to each of investor C and D?

- try to amend the B shares so they are at a premium of £14,950?


any help would be much appreciated.



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By bernard michael
10th Nov 2019 09:50

The answer may be in what the assurance letter says

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