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SEIS tax deduction revoked?

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Spoke to a potential new client last night. 

Apparently she made a SEIS investment and claimed the deduction on her 18/19 tax return and received a tax refund. The company is undergoing some sort of group restructuring (unaware of actual details). 

She been told that she might have to repay her tax refund. 


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rebecca cave
By Rebecca Cave
01st Aug 2019 13:08

Because the SEIS shares have to be qualifying shares for at least three years. If her shares are going to b e swapped for other shares during the restructuring those replacement share may not qualify for SEIS .
Also the SEIS company must not be controlled by another company in the 3 year period from the issue of the shares to the 3rd anniversary of that date.

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Replying to Rebecca Cave:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
01st Aug 2019 13:17

Thanks Rebecca.
I think that the co will become a subsid.
If she has a share/share exchange in the parent co, would that potentially get around it?

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