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Contacted by HMRC by phone.Entered the provided code.Response was that he could not use the details he entered as he needed to sign in using a gateway account not used with a business.Anybody else experience this failure ? Another client confirmed that he sailed through without any problems and could make a claim on the 13th.Pity as Agents we are not allowed to make the claim on behalf of clients or were provided with more guidance of how the process works.

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By Southwestbeancounter
05th May 2020 17:48

It's going to be a nightmare few weeks at least.......

I feel that it is deliberate on HMRC's part and it's really infuriating that I cannot give my client's the service that I usually do but I guess I'm just a control freak and need to sit back and watch it all unfold whilst answering all the phone calls and emails about what their UTR number etc is in the meantime!

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By James Green
05th May 2020 18:03

It’s absolutely deliberate by HMG!

CJRS has been too successful; by excluding us 50% of the potentials won’t apply and 50% of the applicants will be turned down because it’s wrong.

The savings will be considerable without them having to exclude anyone.

Complete joke!

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By bettybobbymeggie
05th May 2020 19:35

Applications for SEISS won't work using a government gateway account that is exclusively a business tax account as far as I can tell. My personal gateway account gives me access to both my PTA and BTA and worked for the first stage (providing your contact details) of the SEISS claim.

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Replying to bettybobbymeggie:
By fawltybasil2575
05th May 2020 20:22

The ICAEW guidance is here:-

AND specifically please note the paragraph therein of:-

“The Tax Faculty advises against clients setting up a new government gateway ID in advance of making an application, but instead DOING SO AS THE FIRST STEP OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS (emphasis added). This will ensure that the correct type of credentials are set up and avoids the need to wait for an authorisation code in the post (that this [sic] requirement is suspended for those that set up government gateway credentials as part of the SEISS service)”.

I have no reason to doubt the Tax Faculty’s advice, and indeed understand that it will work (from the “partial dummy run” input by my office colleague).


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By jon dickinson
06th May 2020 16:00

All part of HMRC's grand plan to bypass the Accountancy Profession and leave Taxpayers unrepresented I'm afraid!

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