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SEISS application - no internet access

Taxpayers can't access internet

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My self assessment clients are starting to receive the initial SEISS letter from HMRC, inviting them to go online to check their eligibility for the scheme. I live and work in a very rural area. A number of my clients do not have access to the internet, either because of dodgy broadband or because they are not computer literate. I as their tax agent am precluded from checking their eligibility or processing a claim on their behalf. I note that the letter from HMRC doesn't have a contact address on it. Is there any provision for taxpayers to write to HMRC to process their claims? I can't be the only accountant with clients in this position.

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By Matrix
06th May 2020 14:02

Sorry I haven't seen the letter, is there nothing else on there except details of how to claim online? Does it say what kind of GG account is required?

ICAEW have said there will be a phone line so I would wait until next week - it all was OK in the end for the furlough claims.

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By lionofludesch
06th May 2020 14:06

Telephone, apparently.

Details not available yet.

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By Duggimon
06th May 2020 14:46

You can check their eligibility, you just put the UTR and NI no in to the checker, you just can't go any further than that or make the claim on their behalf, but claims aren't open yet anyway.

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