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SEISS Grant 4 Catch 22

Any suggestions as to how to circumvent this problem

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I've just received an email from a client who is eligible to claim support under SEISS 4, however they are a French national living in London and don't drive. So when they get to the section where they have to provide HMRC with either details of the UK passport or UK driving licence for extra verification prior to submitting their claim, they fail simply becuase they are a non driving Frenchmen. Whilst some may applaud this twist by HMRC (no doubt in response to Les France's shellfish ruse post Brexit) it does seem a tad unfair. They have been residing in the UK for several years now, and have paid UK tax and NIC on their earnings.

Has anyone else come accross this problem? Has anyone got any suggestions? Obviously as their agent I cannot make a claim on their behalf; so is this just a case of  fromage dur?!

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By lionofludesch
22nd Apr 2021 18:26
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By Paul Crowley
22nd Apr 2021 20:06

Version 2
Phone HMRC and do it outside of GG

But will be on the phone waiting for at least an hour

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By Ben Alligin
23rd Apr 2021 09:01

Will pass on both recommendations to client and hopefully one of them will work. Many thanks

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