SEISS grant = £389,400 - auto data entry

Taxfiler or HMRC wrong?

Didn't find your answer?

Just had a shock!

Its good that in Taxfiler (and prob other software I suppose... obviously dont know) you can click the button headed 'view HMRC data' and it tells you the info HMRC have on their computer

However, I just did so with one client and apparently he received a total of £389,400

Chance would be a fine thing..

He says he didnt receive anything and I can see from his business bank statements that he didnt - also can see from  his CIS statements that he worked all through.

Isnt technology wonderful!


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By rmillaree
24th Aug 2021 14:24

see prior threads divide by 100 what hmrc say and bosh

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Replying to rmillaree:
By User deleted
24th Aug 2021 14:29

The query was that this client says he didn't receive anything, not that the amount needs divided by 100

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By Paul Crowley
24th Aug 2021 14:37

Did the client forget the first claim?
Or did he think it was his money and not use the business account?

I would have a longer discussion with client and ask whether he had GG account

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By Michael Beaver
24th Aug 2021 15:33

Also be careful. We had one of our clients have a SEISS claim made on their behalf but paid somewhere else, so fraud could also be a consideration if HMRC think they have made a payment.

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By Duggimon
24th Aug 2021 15:44

If your client is 100% certain he didn't make a claim then he really ought to find out from HMRC why they think he did. Ignoring the balls up with the amount which is happening all over the place, they do still have a record of a claim made with his UTR of £3,894 which they will expect him to pay tax on.

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By Jimess
27th Aug 2021 10:50

BTC have been messaging users on this issue for about a week now. The API's at HMRC side are not working correctly. BTC's advice is to hold off submitting any tax returns until HMRC get it sorted - presumably if you correct the figure and submit the return HMRC will just issue a recalc based on the incorrect information.... Hey ho! Self assssment is going to be fun this year!

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By Paul D Utherone
31st Aug 2021 00:22

HMRC error. The client received £3,894. The API is reporting in pence not £'s

Their last missive on the Agent Forum was that they were working to fix it ASAP

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