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SEISS Where's the link to claim in the GG account?

Having no access myself. Clients are asking and I can't advise

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A few clients have called. The eligibility check told them they can claim from today. When they are logging in to their GG account they can't find any direct link to where to submit the claim.

Can anyone advise where it's located so I may pass this info on? 

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Woolpit Gus
By nutwood
13th May 2020 13:42

scroll down the page the green button saying 'Start now' does the trick

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By TessaW
13th May 2020 13:43

You claim from the page - you will have to put in your personal tax log in & password via this page (I think)

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By SXGuy
13th May 2020 13:46

Thanks guys.

The page says to try later due to high demand. Not a very good start but have passed the info on.

Apreciate the help.

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By Stalytax
13th May 2020 14:00

One of my clients, slightly dippy due to the fumes in her nail bar in my opinion, rang first thing to say that her claim had hit a brick wall.

She had successfully set up a new GG (I was pleasantly surprised) but then simply got a message to say that she could claim from 14th May. I gently suggested that maybe she ought to try again tomorrow then, today being the 13th!

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By sally1964
13th May 2020 16:01

Its odd that you dont access it via your GG - but you have to start via the original link.
However we have processed a couple today and they all went through.

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Replying to sally1964:
By SXGuy
13th May 2020 16:12

Yes it's very annoying because asking ppl to set up a GG account gave the impression it would be done via that method and with hmrc drip feeding the detail all the time it becomes even more difficult to advise clients.

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13th May 2020 18:39

If anyone wants it I've prepared a guide showing screenshots of the various steps to follow. Once logged in the claim takes about 5 minutes.
You can download it via dropbox at
Feel free to share.

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By shilley
14th May 2020 00:06

Go to (it will redirect to the relevant page on the website). Scroll down and you'll see the link for claiming the SEISS on the left-hand side under 'Featured'. You will be prompted to enter GG credentials or create them. By following this route they will not be asked to await an activation code in the post, though they will have to get through identity verification, which some customers have found problematic.

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