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My client registered for self assessment from 01/04/2017.  They have received a penalty for 16/17.  Any advice if I can appeal this? The client didn’t actually receive any income until July 17 but was looking for work.  


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28th Aug 2018 15:07

Presumably a return was issued. Has it been submitted? If not then ask for 16-17 to be withdrawn under TMA s8B as the s/e period in the year was only 5 days and, presumi9ng accounts will be prepared to 31/3 annually they will be treating that as 5/4 and not carrying 5 days overlap you w

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28th Aug 2018 15:35

The penalty is automatically generated. Appeal it and you should be able to get a person who understands the rules better than the computer does to look at it. Presumably they will agree with you that the penalty isn't required.

Charge the client for your time and tell them to talk to you before registering for anything else, lest they [***] that up as well.

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