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Self assessment bill and personal credit cards

Has there been much client feedback on this?

As I'm sure all the good folks on AWeb know, from 13 Jan 2018 you will no longer be able to pay your self assessment tax bill with your personal credit card.

Is this something that many clients are aware of, or have brought up with you?

Or have you had to raise this with any clients you know pay with their credit cards?

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09th Nov 2017 12:28

I don't think that this will have as big an impact as suggested. My cards all offer as part of the balance transfer deals the facility to put a lump sum into a bank account to pay for bills where they do not accept cards. You have to pay a transaction fee I understand, but unlike ordinary cash withdrawals there are no interest charges for a specified period

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09th Nov 2017 16:44

I tend not to get involved with the means by which clients pay their tax, I refer them on to where they can pay and provide them with the information they need to do so but the method for it I leave up to them.

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