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Self assessment late filing penalties

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I submitted a late 2018/19 return just over a week ago on 28/05/2020 - client has only had his £100 penalty applied thus far so waiting on the dailies.

Does anyone have recent experience of how long HMRC are taking to apply daily penalties to client self assessment accounts?


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By petersaxton
05th Jun 2020 18:52

In my experience they only charge daily penalties if the tax return has not been submitted. I dont think they catch up later.

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Replying to petersaxton:
By richard thomas
05th Jun 2020 23:32

Yes they do. Filing a return after 30 April but before the 90 days are up will cause the SA computer to automatically issue a daily penalty. Believe me I've dealt as a Tribunal judge with hundreds of appeals against late filing penalties and many of them had daily penalties in amounts other than £900 and which were issued on the date the return was filed.

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By bettybobbymeggie
06th Jun 2020 09:16

Thanks. I have no doubt the penalties are coming, it's just a question of how long it is likely to take in the current environment!

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