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Self Assessment of a Childminder

Childminder expenses

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I have a childminder claiming expenses for 2 TV's and an Xbox.  Apparently for the 'Mindees'.  I have not allowed the expense. I believe the TV's could be part of the 10% Wear and Tear Allowance given to childminders.  Does anyone have any thoughts on it?  I would like to explain it better to my client.  Thank you.

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By Accountant A
29th Jan 2019 18:18

Send him/her a link to the HMRC manual.

If TV and XBox are childminding, I'm in the wrong business.

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By jcace
29th Jan 2019 22:51

Does the childminder have children of her/his own? What age are the children being minded.
Much will depend on the facts as to how reasonable any of this is.

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Replying to jcace:
By Tax Dragon
30th Jan 2019 05:44

jcace wrote:

Much will depend on the facts....

This is Aweb, jcace.

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Replying to jcace:
By uktaylor
30th Jan 2019 09:25

Yes 5 children of their own from baby up to teenager (not sure of exact age). Thats one of the reasons I took it away as an expense.

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