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Self Assessment Shares

Share payment received which was taxed at source where to place in tax return to claim back tax.

Wonder if any one can answer this please not one i have dealt with before.

Client purchased shares through company in 2014 at a cost of £55,000 with tax paid.

In tax year 2016/17 he received the pay out on these shares through his salary and paid tax on the full amount.

Hence he should be able to claim the tax back on this initial purchase?

Filling out his self-assessment does this go into other tax reliefs and deductions section- Relief claimed on a qualifying distribution on the redemption of bonus shares or securities.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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By chewmac
16th Jan 2018 17:01

Sounds like this might be the proceeds of an Unapproved Share Option scheme which are correctly taxed under PAYE. Tax paid was probably correct. I tend to note the values and dates in the Additional Info

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By Carl47
16th Jan 2018 17:21

This was a Travis Perkins Share Matching Scheme, they purchased £55,000 worth of shares.

The client seems to think tax was paid on the initial purchase of £55,000 and once received back into salary is due relief?

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