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Self Assessment Tax Reclaim

Self Assessment Tax Reclaim

We prepare accounts for a number of small subcontract builders, we have been visited recently by a client who informs us that some of his fellow subcontractors are receiving large refunds from the HMRC because the HMRC software had a problem over the 2014 and 2015 tax returns, we have asked for the contact details of the person who is putting these tax returns into the HMRC, apparently he's not willing to hand them on unless he is given the UTR and government gateway of whoever is interested in his services. This all sounds very dubious to me, has anybody come across anything similar, is there any truth in this.


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01st Mar 2016 10:49

Easy one to work out.


Accountant promises large refunds to obtain some fees. Processes a bogus tax return using the clients gateway triggering a large refund. Disappears when shit[***][***] hits the fan.


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By CW2012
01st Mar 2016 11:35

I'd really like to get to the bottom of this as it's giving us a bad name as it looks on the face of like we aren't delivering the correct returns to the HMRC and whoever this other party is is going to snaffle our CIS clients.



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By Pelican
01st Mar 2016 13:26

I have had this before. 

I have had this before. 

A client came to me and said so and so company will get me x amount back 

I laughed and asked the client if they had given the company any paperwork to which they said no. 


The client went with the company and 2 years later HMRC investigated him as it was investigating every tax return that the company had submitted. 


He soon came back with his tail between his legs. 

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