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Self assessment/partnership return software

Self assessment/partnership return software

Hi all,

I am in the process of setting up my own business and need some advice on which tax return software to use.

I would be very grateful for any recommendations - nothing too expensive as I only have one client at present!

Many Thanks


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01st Mar 2016 10:45

On budget

VT, Taxfiler and Moneysoft will fit the bill.

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By CW2012
01st Mar 2016 10:48

Self assessment/partnership return software

We use Taxcalc, it does a great job for us, we are though a growing small practice so are probably a bit further on than you are. I would definitely recommend that you contact Taxcalc to see what they could do for a start up business, we migrated from Iris and the savings were huge.   

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01st Mar 2016 11:11

I expect you will find Taxcalc a bit pricy at this stage of your practice. If you are OK using a cloud solution then Taxfiler will give you everything you need for a tenner a month. If you want a one-off just for partnerships then look at absolute or andica.

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