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Self Employed Earnings over Europe

A person who holds British residency and a British passport but lives in Spain at present

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This person is living in Spain but travels all over Europe and has self employed earnings in several countries including Spain and the UK.

He also is employed in Spain and therefore suffers tax deduction in that country.

My question is where does he declare his self employed earnings?


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By David Ex
25th Jan 2022 20:29

womblejack wrote:

My question is where does he declare his self employed earnings? 

In whichever jurisdiction(s) he is liable to, I would have thought, according to the rules of the jurisdiction(s). Double Tax Treaty/ies then need to be scrutinised for reliefs from double taxation.

Presumably he has an accountant to deal with his tax affairs there.

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paddle steamer
26th Jan 2022 10:16

"Holds British Residency "is a strange term, is he currently UK Tax Resident or not, bearing in mind he apparently lives in Spain?

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By accountantccole
26th Jan 2022 11:29

If they are UK passport holder (without another EU passport), post Brexit, even with a right to stay and work in Spain, it is unlikely they would be allowed to work in other EU countries without a visa.
Depends what he is doing where and for how long for the tax angle.

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