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self employed entertainer and SRT

how do you work out the hrs worked?

Has anyone else had any experience in this situation?

In order to satisfy the third automatic overseas test, you have to be working full time overseas, and working full time in this context means more than 35 hours per week.

But what if you are say a self employed musician or in the entertainment industry where you might be contracted to perform for 3 hours a night, but obviously spend more time than that in rehearsal, practice, travel between gigs etc, you are clearly earning a full time wage but is it possible to satisfy the hours requirement?


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By RichJ
16th Oct 2017 16:58

Well step 2 of the SRT guidelines say you should use the total hours actually worked and not just what was stated in your contract, so based on that I would assume rehearsal time, travelling for work, etc is counted.

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